Associação Paulista Sul

Associação Paulista Sul


Prof. Gilvan Santos Correa


Gilvan Santos Corrêa, born in 1976 in the municipality of Formoso do Araguaia TO, married, Accountant, Graduate in Business Administration, postgraduate in religious finance, Master in Leadership and student of law. He began his work at the Adventist organization in 1997, São Paulo, over the years, in various technical and administrative segments (watchman, janitor, student assistant, treasury assistant, accounting assistant, collection, school treasury, SELS manager, treasurer associated). He is as Administrative Superintendent of this 2010, being until 2014 in APV and currently in APS.


Acting in the financial administration of Associação Paulista Sul, managing with skill the available assets and resources, in order to meet financial needs in all areas of work and aiming at the preaching of the Gospel.


Be recognized for the smoothness of the procedures, honesty of the reports, impartiality of decisions and fidelity to the norms of the Church.


Receive, administer and distribute resources according to church standards, print financial guidance and budget control for all departments, achieve and maintain financial balance, keeping operating capital and liquidity ratios up to date.


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